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 So, What is next?

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PostSubject: So, What is next?   Tue May 17, 2011 8:48 pm

Obviously this is over. If you're reading this, then you still want to know what happened.

Not enough people joined. Without people you can't play. It is disappointing, because Sky and I did put a a good amount of work into this. But it was fun while it lasted.


As this implies, Sky and I aren't done just yet. Obviously, we can't get the people we want for a reskinned Werewolf game. Werewolf is up and we can't compete with that.

So here's something new. Me and Sky are working on a new project. It'll be a forum-based Swords & Sorcery RPG. I've got ideas, but it'll take time to put them to the test. If you're at all interested, contact one of us.

From both of us, Thanks. We hope to see you at our new project.

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So, What is next?
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